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This year, employers began making the switch to enhanced reporting. Visit the Enhanced Reporting page to learn more about Gold Certification, training, and the process that will lead you to taking full advantage of the reporting power of Retirement Online.

Hot Topics:

hot topic iconHow to handle deficiencies. Read More…

hot topic iconLearn how to view and prevent improper withholdings. Read More…

Hot Topics

hot topic iconHow to handle deficiencies — Deficiencies are created as a result of under-contributing on a previous monthly report. In general, if you see a warning regarding too few contributions for a member on a monthly report, you should expect a future deficiency. You will be notified of the deficiency amount through a deficiency notification. You should report the deficiency to NYSLRS as a one-time payment service credit purchase on your employer report as soon as possible to minimize any interest owed. Always wait for the deficiency notification prior to sending the money to NYSLRS to prevent the funds being labeled as improper withholdings.

If you receive a deficiency notification about a particular member that member will be notified of the deficiency in a letter from NYSLRS.

Sometimes, members work for more than one NYSLRS employer. If you are a member’s primary employer, and the member’s other employer has under-withheld, you will receive a notification to take a one-time SCP/deficiency payment. The member’s other employer will receive a warning and is responsible to begin taking the contributions at the correct rate.

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hot topic icon Learn how to view and prevent improper withholdings — If you deduct too much in retirement contributions, or overpay the member’s loan or service credit purchase account, you will receive a warning when submitting your file. This is known as an improper withholding. NYSLRS can only accept money that’s owed, so any deductions that were not accepted by NYSLRS will need to be returned to your employee.

You’ll know if there’s an improper withholding because you’ll receive a warning when posting your report. Since these are payroll deductions, refunds of improper amounts must be issued by the employer, not by NYSLRS. Local employers are responsible for refunding the money themselves. For State employers, the money is refunded through State payroll.

To view the details of any improper withholdings, click the Access Reporting Dashboard button on your Account Homepage, and click the Improper Withholdings link found near the top right of the page. This page is accessible to the Employer Reporting (uploader and submitter) and Payroll security holders.

Read our quick guide Adobe pdf to learn more about viewing improper withholdings.