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Retirement Online saves a lot of time and paperwork. It’s eliminated the lag between enrolling employees and getting the information we need about contribution rates and loan payments.

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Get Ready for Enhanced Reporting

This year, employers began making the switch to enhanced reporting. Visit the Enhanced Reporting page to learn more about Gold Certification, training, and the process that will lead you to taking full advantage of the reporting power of Retirement Online.

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hot-topic iconMake Sure You Confirm Employee’s Personal & Job Info Before You Hit “Submit.” Read More…

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hot-topic iconMake Sure You Confirm Employee’s Personal & Job Info — Prior to clicking the “Submit” button on the Member Enrollment Dashboard, it is imperative you take a moment to confirm the Personal and Job Information for the employee being enrolled. If you identify an error, click the “Edit” button to fix the error prior to clicking “Submit” (click thumbnail to see an example of the Personal and Job Information section). Submission of errors in these fields can result in incorrect reporting information, inaccurate records being created and incorrect dates of membership being established, among other problems.

Incorrect data may result in the failed submission of a monthly report, and if not caught before they are submitted, these errors will likely result in significant member reporting delays. These errors could also result in you having to manually modify your employer report, as well as manually adjust interest and arrears for the member.