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Retirement Online

Events for Local and Municipal Employers

NYSLRS is hosting information sessions, conferences, and webinars to keep you informed about Retirement Online and prepare you for the changes coming in 2019.

Calendar of Events

Retirement Online employer tools will be introduced in multiple releases. The Retirement System is hosting information sessions, conferences and webinars to keep you informed about Retirement Online and prepare you for the changes coming in 2019.

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Event Archive

NYSLRS Service Provider Webinar

The NYSLRS Service Provider Webinar provided important information about the enhanced report format and its functionality to payroll service providers.





Retirement Online Fall Employer Workshops: September – October 2017

The Fall Employer Workshops provided important information to assist local employers with preparing and submitting employer reports through Retirement Online.

Get Ready Guide: A detailed look at your transition to using Retirement Online.





General Session and Enhanced Reporting: An overview of the changes coming with Retirement Online.

Breakout Session — Member Enrollment: Upcoming changes to member enrollment, including enrollment for mandatory and optional members and the enrollment options available to you in Retirement Online.

Breakout Session — Earnings Codes and Job Data for Employer Reporting: The new code values (job codes, earnings codes, and HR transactions) that will be used when reporting with Retirement Online.

Breakout Session — Employer Contacts & Security in Retirement Online: The roles of employer contact and security administrators in Retirement Online.

Introduction to Retirement Online Webinar for Local and Municipal Employers: June 15, 20 and 22, 2017

The Introduction to Retirement Online webinars explained how Retirement Online will impact the way Local employers do business with NYSLRS, including streamlined member enrollment, automated loans and arrears starts, stops and change notices, and increased access to member data.

Materials from the webinar:





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Contact Us

If you have questions about registering for a Retirement Online employer event, please call the Retirement Online Employer Help Desk at 844-619-9614 between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Eastern Time. You can also send an inquiry using our Retirement Online Help Desk form.