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Retirement Online will change the way employers do business with NYSLRS. We are committed to providing you with the information you need to help make the transition over to Retirement Online as easy and convenient as possible.

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About the Project

In 2013, NYSLRS started a project to replace its retirement benefit administration technology systems. Once the project is complete, NYSLRS will possess a new system for both internal transaction processing and external self-service functionality, ready to meet the needs of its stakeholders in a secure and flexible environment. The project will:

  • Provide an information system that addresses all of the benefit administration business requirements of NYSLRS.
  • Create a secure web self-service environment that allows employers to complete all necessary transactions with NYSLRS including:
    • Submit regular and adjustment reports
    • Review previously reported data
    • Enroll members
    • Review employer invoice and other billing information
    • Request estimates for plan upgrades
    • Submit disability applications
    • View documents and notifications from NYSLRS
  • Eliminate the dependency on paper documents by providing the ability to accept information and process transactions electronically.
  • Increase the quality and integrity of pension-related information by collecting additional data through the employer report and validating this information in real-time.
  • Streamline the work through leveraging technology and automation in order to reduce processing times and effectively provide information to employers and members.


Employers will be contacted by NYSLRS’ Member and Employer Services Bureau with a username, temporary password, and instructions on how to log in to Retirement Online. As long as you have a computer with internet access, you will be able to use the new system. It’s compatible with most common operating systems, but we recommend you use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome when logging in to Retirement Online.

Employer contacts will have different Retirement Online system access based their role and responsibility at your organization. Designated contact administrators and security administrators at your location will use Retirement Online. Contact administrators will be able to view and update the business contact information (e.g., phone numbers, email, and mailing address) for employer contacts responsible for areas such as billing, personnel, payroll, etc. They will also add and remove contacts as needed. Security administrators will assign or update an employer contact’s access to Retirement Online according to their role at their employer.

NOTE: If your agency works with the Business Service Center (BSC), you will be able to view security and contact information, but your security will be administered by BSC.


Reporting files for State agencies will continue to be transmitted from State Payroll to NYSLRS. State employers can designate contacts to have access to view reported data for current and past payroll periods.

For changes to loan or service credit payment deductions, NYSLRS will provide a weekly file to State Payroll with start, stop, and change information. State agencies will be notified of the starts, stops, and changes, but they will no longer need to enter or update this information in PayServ.


State Payroll will provide NYSLRS with a job data file for new employees. If new employees are mandatory members, they will be automatically enrolled as members in the Retirement System. The new members’ registration numbers and contribution rates will be sent directly to State Payroll to update PayServ.

Alternatively, State employers can also enroll mandatory members electronically through Retirement Online without a membership application. To enroll optional members, a membership application will need to be uploaded directly into Retirement Online.

Questions & Answers

Q: When does NYSLRS’ new Retirement Online system launch?

A: Retirement Online will be launched in May 2019.

Q: What will Retirement Online provide employers?

A: Retirement Online will change the way agencies conduct business with the Retirement System through:

  • Automated and manual online member enrollment;
  • Access to reported data and contribution rates;
  • Loans and service credit payments starts, stops, and changes;
  • Establishment of employer contacts to support delegated security provisioning; and
  • Real-time notifications and access to documents.

Q: How will mandatory members be enrolled into NYSLRS?

A: This information will be provided by OSC Bureau of State Payroll Services through the employer reporting process. NYSLRS evaluates if a member is mandatory and will automatically enroll the member upon receipt of this data from PayServ.

Q: How will optional members be enrolled into NYSLRS?

A: State agencies can enroll optional members through Retirement Online using the Enroll a Member page. Agencies will also be able to mail or fax in registration forms for optional members.

Q: How will NYSLRS know that an employee should be enrolled at NYSLRS if they are Voluntary Defined Contribution (VDC) eligible, but opting out?

A: If an employee is VDC eligible but does not join VDC within 30 days of being hired, NYSLRS enrollment staff will reach out to the agency to verify they can enroll the employee in NYSLRS.

Q: We have an employee who is temporary (because they have not yet been classified by Civil Service) and their position has not been reviewed by Civil Service Commission. For a VDC-eligible employee that is temporary, will they be mandated after 30 days?

A: If an employee is not a 12-month, full-time employee, they will not be mandated; they need to be full-time to be mandated. Additionally, NYSLRS will reach out to the agency before automatically enrolling anyone under the VDC category. No VDC employee will be automatically enrolled without a review from NYSLRS.

Q: When should the VDC indicator for an employee be set to Yes?

A: The VDC indicator should be set to Yes for brand new M/C employees making $75,000 with no other active records.

Q: If I enroll one of my employees as an optional member in Retirement Online, how will I know the deduction information?

A: At the end of the self-service Enroll a Member process in Retirement Online, a confirmation message will appear that will provide registration information, including the employee’s NYSLRS ID, registration number, Empl Record (the record that determines the job that the member holds), tier and contribution rate.

Q: As a State agency, what actions do I need to take with regards to employer reporting?

A: As NYSLRS transitions to their new system in May 2019, there is not much that agencies will need to do or change with regards to employer reporting. The main action required of State agencies is to mark the retiree indicator directly in PayServ for those individuals that are retired from a New York State Retirement System.

Q: Will a record automatically be set up for an extra service employee who needs a separate record?

A: Yes, this will be included in the OSC Bureau of State Payroll Services post-processing employer reporting file. Their wages will be reported to NYSLRS. OSC Bureau of State Payroll Services will know that they already registered and will update the Retirement Plan panel for NYSLRS processing.

Q: We have many employees that transfer from ERS to PFRS. What will happen with regards to employer reporting?

A: These employees will require job data changes. This information will be included in the file that OSC Bureau of State Payroll Services sends to NYSLRS, so NYSLRS will complete the necessary processing. The ERS job data will be terminated, and PFRS job data will begin.

Q: How will I receive notifications once Retirement Online is launched in May?

A: In Retirement Online, there will be a new online notification feature in which portal notifications will be generated to one of the designated employer security roles that your organization has defined. You can learn more about employer security roles and the notifications they’ll receive in our State Employer Security Roles document.

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Learning Center

Transition Toolkit

These guides and documents have been created to help you through the certification process. Please refer to them as your organization prepares for the transition to Retirement Online.

State Employer Certification Checklist Adobe pdf

Employer Security Roles in Retirement Online Adobe pdf

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Retirement Online Marketing Toolkit

Retirement Online provides a convenient way for members to do business with the Retirement System. We think your employees will be interested in using this service, and you can help us spread the word by using the materials in our marketing toolkit. You’ll find newsletter articles and email messages about Retirement Online, a poster and much more. This toolkit will be updated as new member features are introduced to Retirement Online.

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