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Retirement Online

Getting Started for Local and Municipal Employers

The data you report to the Retirement System is a key part of determining benefits for your employees (our members) and for calculating your annual contribution. In 2019, you will begin reporting that information using Retirement Online. Most employers will continue to use their current file format (legacy format) when reporting through Retirement Online. Over time, employers will transition to a new file format (enhanced format) that will improve your retirement reporting.

In 2019, you will use Retirement Online to:

  • View current month and past reporting data
  • Enroll mandatory and optional members
  • Receive notifications and respond to requests for information from the Retirement System
  • Manage the permissions for your contacts who do work with NYSLRS

Retirement Online will collect more data than you currently report, so the new enhanced report format will include more information about your employees. Because more information will be reported and stored, over time you will receive fewer information requests from NYSLRS throughout an employee’s membership.

NYSLRS will provide the support you need to begin using Retirement Online’s new reporting format. We’ll prepare you by teaching you the enhanced report format, and certifying that your organization is ready to use the new Retirement Online features. NYSLRS will work with your file creators (in-house IT staff or outside service providers) to facilitate transition to this new file format.

What you need to know

Transition Group Assignments

All employers will be placed into transition groups and assisted by a team of transition coaches. Transition coaches are NYSLRS staff members who will help guide you through the certification process and reporting through Retirement Online. Transition coaches can be reached by contacting the Retirement Online Employer Help Desk.

Transition coaches will also prepare employers for using the enhanced reporting format. The date you will transition to enhanced reporting will be determined as you work with the transition coaches.

Get Ready Guide

Employer contacts who are responsible for reporting or member enrollment should read our Get Ready Guide Adobe pdf. This publication describes the upcoming changes in the reporting and enrollment processes, and details the new steps for navigating through Retirement Online.

Information for Employers and Payroll Providers

If you use an outside payroll provider or in-house IT staff to prepare your employer reports, they will need to know about of the new enhanced report as soon as possible. Our Information for Payroll Providers and In-House IT Staff Adobe pdf is a helpful tool to inform both you and your report creators of the changes coming with the enhanced report. You can share this document with them if they have questions or refer them to the Retirement Online Employer Help Desk.

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What you need to do

Transition Activities

You will be given access to a special training environment that will allow you to practice the tasks you will perform in Retirement Online. Other training opportunities include:

  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Self-paced training

For more information about Retirement Online training opportunities, please visit our Employer Events page.

Certification Requirements

Our certification process will ensure your organization is ready to begin reporting with Retirement Online in 2019, as well as introduce you to the future enhanced reporting process. Track your progress towards certification using our Local Employer Certification Checklist Adobe pdf.

Certification Levels Requirements to Complete Report Types to Submit
  • Establish the security and contact administrators for your employer location
  • Contact Administrators add names of employer contacts
  • Security Administrators request system access for employer contacts and assign security roles Adobe pdf (e.g. Personnel, Payroll, Employer Reporting Submitter, and Employer Reporting Approver)
  • New employer contacts complete first-time log in to Retirement Online
  • No reports are needed for this level.
  • Successfully completed Bronze certification activities
  • Create and successfully submit a report using the Retirement Online; view error and warning messages, make corrections to report, etc.
  • Enroll a new member using Retirement Online
  • Understand Retirement Online notifications and corresponding system actions
  • Regular report
  • Adjustment report
  • Successfully completed Bronze and Silver certification activities
  • Create and successfully submit an enhanced report using Retirement Online; view error and warning messages, make corrections to report, etc.
  • Enroll a new member using the enhanced report
  • Understand Retirement Online notifications and corresponding system actions
  • Regular enhanced report
  • Enrollment only report

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Contact Us

If you have questions about Retirement Online or have issues signing in, please call the Retirement Online Employer Help Desk at 844-619-9614 between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Eastern Time. You can also send an inquiry using our Retirement Online Help Desk form.