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Article 14 Benefits

For PFRS Tier 3 Members

Ordinary Disability

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To qualify for the ordinary disability retirement benefit, you must:

  • Be unable to perform your duties because of a permanent physical or mental incapacity;
  • Have five years of credited service; and
  • Be eligible for primary Social Security disability benefits.
The Benefit

If approved, this is a benefit equal to the greater of:

  • One-third of your FAS or
  • 2 percent of your FAS for each year of credited service, up to 25 years.

It is reduced by 100 percent of any Workers’ Compensation benefit payable and 50 percent of the primary Social Security benefit beginning on the date you first become eligible for primary Social Security disability benefits. The benefit is also subject to full escalation. Learn more about escalation.


You, your employer, or someone authorized with your power of attorney may file your Application for Article 14 Disability Retirement Benefits (RS6411) Adobe pdf with the Office of the State Comptroller. Your application must be submitted while you are in active service. If you are no longer in active service, you may be eligible if your Social Security disability benefit is awarded retroactively to a time when you were in active service.

Active service is defined as:

  • When you are on your employer’s payroll; or
  • When you are on an authorized medical leave of absence for up to two years (which may be extended for an additional two years); or
  • When you are receiving Workers’ Compensation, or other employer-funded benefits for up to two years.

You will not be considered in active service if your employment terminates, even if you are still receiving Workers’ Compensation or similar employer-funded benefits.