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What Every Employer Should Know

Your Annual Estimate and Invoice

Every August, we provide you with an estimate of your annual contributions for the current State fiscal year (April 1 – March 31). You use the Annual Estimate and Invoice application to view your estimate, which is available until November when we provide your actual invoice.

You are required to pay these contributions by February 1 of the next calendar year. Late payments accrue interest. Beginning with fiscal year 2017 payments, the interest rate was lowered to 7.0 to reflect the September 2015 change in the assumed rate of return.

Although your payment is due February 1, you can choose to pre-pay a discounted amount by December 15. Both the estimate and the invoice always provide you with the discounted amount.

The Annual Estimate and Invoice application not only provides you with an estimate and invoice for your annual contributions, it also provides projection factors, payment instructions and information on how billing figures are calculated.

To learn more about this application, visit our Employer Online Programs page. For other annual contribution questions, email our Employer Billing unit or call them at 518-474-4913 or 518-486-3921.

IMPORTANT: In Spring 2019, we will begin transitioning our current employer online applications to the new Retirement Online system. Stay informed by visiting our Learn More page for employers. We’ll update it frequently with information and resources to help you prepare for the upcoming changes.