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NYS Comptroller


Proxy Voting

Proxy Voting

The New York State Common Retirement Fund (CRF or Fund) votes by proxy on each proposal at annual meetings and special meetings of US portfolio companies as well as selected international companies.

In the 2017 proxy season, the Fund cast nearly 30,000 votes at more than 3,000 companies.

Not only is voting proxies part of the Comptroller’s fiduciary responsibility as Trustee of the Fund, but it also is an effective means to communicate with boards of directors and management on governance, environmental, and social issues. CRF’s proxy voting is a powerful tool to enhance long-term value by promoting transparency and sound governance.

Proxy Vote Breakdown

The Fund makes all proxy voting decisions independently consistent with its Proxy Voting Guidelines, which are updated regularly to address new issues and refine positions based on updated research. The Fund consults with proxy advisors, companies, partners and other investors and conducts its own research to inform and deliver the CRF’s independent voting decisions.