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NYS Comptroller


Comptroller's NYS Common Retirement Fund Responsibilities

As the sole trustee responsible for managing the $207.4 billion (audited value as of March 31, 2018) New York State Common Retirement Fund (Fund), Comptroller DiNapoli is directly accountable for its performance, oversight and management. The sole trustee model also enables him to act quickly to respond to market changes and to protect the Fund.

Independent advice
The Comptroller is a diligent fiduciary of NYSCRF who ensures that investment decisions and practices adhere to the highest levels of ethical conduct and transparency. He seeks the input of a wide range of internal and external advisors, consultants and legal counsel who:

  • Help to determine the best investment choices and allocation of assets for the Fund.
  • Provide independent advice and oversight of all investment decisions.
  • Serve as part of the chain of approval on all investment decisions before they reach the Comptroller for final approval.
  • Participate on advisory committees, like the Advisory Council for the Retirement System, that meet periodically throughout the year. The Code of Ethics applies to all committees and some committees also have a financial disclosure policy.

Meaningful reforms
Comptroller DiNapoli continues changing the way the Fund operates to increase transparency and establish strong internal controls, ensuring the strongest investment performance and ethical operations. He:

  • Instituted the most stringent reporting requirements on investments, fees and other information.
  • Barred investment firms contributing to his campaign from doing business with the Fund.
  • Provided a leading voice in getting the Securities and Exchange Commission to impose tough new rules on “pay to play” to prevent improper influence on investment decisions.
  • Increased opportunities for women and minority firms throughout its portfolio of investments by expanding the pension fund’s Emerging Manager Program into each of the Fund’s main asset classes.

Other policies and regulatory reforms include: