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NYS Comptroller


Electronic Reporting


Report Methods

Holders of unclaimed funds can send us reports using the methods and formats below.

Upload via FTP Save the report on a CD, DVD or USB drive and mail it

Securely upload unencrypted NYCD or NAUPA formatted reports via FTP.

Request a user name and password by emailing


If you submit your report by FTP, you won't need to mail a separate Verification & Checklist (AC2709).

Save your report on a CD, DVD or USB drive.  If it’s password protected or encrypted, email the password to ¬†Mail the device containing your report, along with a signed Verification and Checklist (AC2709), to:

Office of the State Comptroller
Office of Unclaimed Funds
Remittance Control, 2nd Floor
110 State Street
Albany NY 12236

Email attachments and magnetic tapes are not acceptable Reporting Methods.

Report Formats

Online Holder Reporting

  • Web based application - no download required
  • Secure data - communicaiton is encrypted and secure
  • Limited to 15 accounts or properties per report
  • Time out setting 20 minutes - data is not saved until you finish and submit file
  • Request a user name and password by emailing
  • Instructions

Accepted report formats include NYCD, NAUPA and Excel spreadsheets.

NYCD is free electronic reporting software.  Enter account and owner details for filing your report.

After you enter your data into the NYCD program, save the file to your local drive and submit your report by FTP, CD, DVD or USB.


We accept NAUPA formatted reports submitted by FTP, CD, DVD or USB.


You can submit Excel spreadsheets in the exact format described in the Excel File Format Instructions.  They can be sent on CD, DVD or USB, but not FTP.

Excel File Format Instructions

Excel Template for Unclaimed Funds Report