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NYS Comptroller


The Academy for New York State's Local Officials

Local Government Leadership Institute

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Institute in Partnership with Cornell University - 2009 Photo Gallery

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Lawrence Levy, Executive Director, National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University, Thomas P. DiNapoli, New York State Comptroller, John Traylor, Assistant Comptroller, Local Government and School Accountability, and Max J. Pfeffer, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, Cornell University.

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Pictured from left to right:
Nathaalie Maxwell (OSC), Angela Lauria-Gunnink (OSC), Lawrence Levy (Hofstra University), Ronald L. Seeber (Cornell University), Heather Thornton (OSC), Mark Pattison (OSC), John Traylor (OSC), New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, Honorable Anthony Williams (keynote), Nora McCabe (OSC), David Brown (CaRDI), Mary Norton (OSC), Andrew Gayle (OSC), Rod Howe (CaRDI), Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman (CaRDI), David Kay (CaRDI), Robin Blakely (CaRDI), and Ann Prince (CaRDI).

OSC (Office of the New York State Comptroller)
CaRDI (Community and Rural Development Institute at Cornell University)

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Thomas P. DiNapoli, New York State Comptroller.