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NYS Comptroller


Not Filed and Inconclusive Municipalities: Fiscal Years Ending 2017

The Fiscal Stress Monitoring System (FSMS) and resulting fiscal stress designations rely on data from annual financial reports submitted by local governments to the Office of the State Comptroller.

This list includes municipalities for the 2017 fiscal year, updated to reflect municipalities with a December 31, 2017 fiscal year end (in italics). The municipalities noted did not file their annual financial report or reported data that was inconclusive for FSMS purposes as of the date their score was to be calculated, and therefore a fiscal stress score could not be calculated.

NameClassEconomic Development RegionStatus
AlfredVillageWestern New YorkNot filed
AlfredTownWestern New YorkNot filed
AlmondVillageWestern New YorkNot filed
AmsterdamCityMohawk ValleyNot filed
BainbridgeVillageSouthern TierNot filed
BaldwinTownSouthern TierNot filed
Ballston SpaVillageCapital DistrictNot filed
BarneveldVillageMohawk ValleyNot filed
BeekmanTownMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
Bemus PointVillageWestern New YorkNot filed
BenningtonTownFinger LakesNot filed
BloomingburgVillageMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
BoonvilleTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
BovinaTownSouthern TierNot filed
BradfordTownSouthern TierNot filed
BrasherTownNorth CountryNot filed
BridgewaterTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
BuchananVillageMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
CanastotaVillageCentral New YorkNot filed
CantonVillageNorth CountryNot filed
CarrollTownWestern New YorkNot filed
CastorlandVillageNorth CountryNot filed
CatoTownCentral New YorkNot filed
ChesterfieldTownNorth CountryNot filed
CobleskillVillageMohawk ValleyNot filed
CortlandCountyCentral New YorkNot filed
Crown PointTownNorth CountryNot filed
CubaVillageWestern New YorkNot filed
DavenportTownSouthern TierNot filed
DecaturTownSouthern TierNot filed
DelhiVillageSouthern TierNot filed
DixTownSouthern TierNot filed
DresdenTownCapital DistrictNot filed
East OttoTownWestern New YorkNot filed
East Rochester^TownFinger LakesNot filed
EdinburgTownCapital DistrictNot filed
EdmestonTownSouthern TierNot filed
ElmiraCitySouthern TierNot filed
ElmsfordVillageMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
EphratahTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
ExeterTownSouthern TierNot filed
FabiusVillageCentral New YorkNot filed
FishkillVillageMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
FleischmannsVillageSouthern TierNot filed
FlorenceTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
FrankfortTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
FremontTownMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
GeddesTownCentral New YorkNot filed
GermanTownSouthern TierNot filed
GilbertsvilleVillageSouthern TierNot filed
GloversvilleCityMohawk ValleyNot filed
HannibalVillageCentral New YorkNot filed
HannibalTownCentral New YorkNot filed
HumeTownWestern New YorkNot filed
Huntington BayVillageLong IslandInconclusive
InletTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
IthacaTownSouthern TierNot filed
KnoxTownCapital DistrictNot filed
LawrenceVillageLong IslandNot filed
LisbonTownNorth CountryNot filed
LyndonTownWestern New YorkNot filed
LyonsTownFinger LakesNot filed
MargaretvilleVillageSouthern TierNot filed
Mastic BeachVillageLong IslandNot filed
MayfieldTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
MexicoTownCentral New YorkNot filed
MiddletownTownSouthern TierNot filed
MiddlevilleVillageMohawk ValleyNot filed
MilfordTownSouthern TierNot filed
MiltonTownCapital DistrictNot filed
MonroeTownMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
MontagueTownNorth CountryNot filed
MorehouseTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
Mount KiscoVillageMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
Mount Kisco^TownMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
Mount VernonCityMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
NellistonVillageMohawk ValleyNot filed
New HudsonTownWestern New YorkNot filed
North CollinsVillageWestern New YorkNot filed
OtselicTownSouthern TierNot filed
OwegoVillageSouthern TierNot filed
OwegoTownSouthern TierNot filed
OxfordTownSouthern TierNot filed
PalermoTownCentral New YorkNot filed
PanamaVillageWestern New YorkNot filed
PharsaliaTownSouthern TierNot filed
PiermontVillageMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
Port LeydenVillageNorth CountryNot filed
PulaskiVillageCentral New YorkNot filed
PutnamTownCapital DistrictNot filed
RamapoTownMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
RemsenVillageMohawk ValleyNot filed
RensselaerCityCapital DistrictNot filed
SalamancaCityWestern New YorkNot filed
SalemTownCapital DistrictNot filed
SaugertiesVillageMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
Scarsdale^TownMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
SchroeppelTownCentral New YorkNot filed
ScioTownWestern New YorkNot filed
SenecaTownFinger LakesNot filed
ShandakenTownMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
ShelbyTownFinger LakesNot filed
SheridanTownWestern New YorkNot filed
Sleepy HollowVillageMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
SodusTownFinger LakesNot filed
Spring ValleyVillageMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
SpringfieldTownSouthern TierNot filed
St. ArmandTownNorth CountryNot filed
SteubenTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
StratfordTownMohawk ValleyNot filed
TaylorTownCentral New YorkNot filed
ThompsonTownMid-Hudson RegionNot filed
ThurmanTownCapital DistrictNot filed
TiconderogaTownNorth CountryNot filed
TroupsburgTownSouthern TierNot filed
UrbanaTownSouthern TierNot filed
ValatieVillageCapital DistrictNot filed
VictoryVillageCapital DistrictNot filed
Village of The BranchVillageLong IslandNot filed
WaltonVillageSouthern TierNot filed
West WinfieldVillageMohawk ValleyNot filed
WestfordTownSouthern TierNot filed
WillingTownWestern New YorkNot filed
WindsorVillageSouthern TierNot filed
WoodhullTownSouthern TierNot filed
Italicized municipalities are calendar fiscal year end entities that were added to this list in September 2018.
^These towns are coterminous with villages and the village is responsible for filing their AUD.