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NYS Comptroller


Justice Court Fund: Paper Filing - AC1030 Form Instructions

Please reference Paper Filing – AC1030 Form Common Errors to avoid issues that will delay processing of your monthly report.

  • Use only original AC1030 forms provided by our office (no photocopies).
  • Use only black or blue ink.
  • Print within the boxes in uppercase letters (one character per box).
    • Do not write outside of the boxes.
    • Do not slash through empty boxes.
  • Complete all fields in the report heading.
    • Justice ID
    • Check box for Town Justice or Village Justice.
    • Justice Name, Address, and Phone
    • Number of pages (XX of XX)
    • Report Period (MMYY)
    • Report Amount (even if No Activity)
    • Check box for No Activity (if applicable).
  • Complete detail lines fully and accurately, as follows:
    • Defendant Name / Title of Action. Enter Youthful Offender or Sealed if appropriate.
    • Docket Number
    • Arrest Date
    • Statute, Section and Subdivision (Use Table of Abbreviations on pages 18-19 of the Handbook for Town and Village Justices and Court Clerks [pdf]).
    • Offense Description
    • Check the Felony box, if applicable.
    • Ordinance, if applicable
    • Disposition Sentence Code (See the back of AC1030 form for a list of the codes.)
    • TSLED Number (Traffic Safety, Law Enforcement and Disposition)
    • Disposition Date
    • Payment Type, if applicable
    • Fines, Forfeited Bail, & Civil Penalties collected
    • Fee Type, if applicable
    • Fees collected
    • Mandatory Surcharge collected
  • When reporting an amended case enter all required fields for both the original and amended charge, on the designated detail line. You must enter the disposition code of AMD for the original charge. Follow the example and instructions on the back of AC1030 form.
  • Certify the report by signing and dating the certification on the last page of the report.

Monthly reports should be sent to the following address:

Office of the State Comptroller
Justice Court Fund
110 State Street, 12th Floor
Albany, NY 12236