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NYS Comptroller


Justice Court Fund: Paper Filing - AC1030 Form Common Errors

Report ErrorsResolution
Report is not on acceptable forms (photocopies are unacceptable). Complete the report on the AC1030 form provided by our office. Contact our office if you need forms.
Report Certification does not include all required items. Complete all required fields in the Report Certification:
- Report Month and Year
- Justice Signature
- Date Signed/Certified
Total report amount does not equal the report amount certified. Recalculate all detail lines to ensure the report total is correct.
Report is certified prior to the end of the report month. Sign and date the certification section no earlier than the first of the month following the reporting period (i.e., Jan report period cannot be certified prior to Feb 1.)
Report amount is not filled out on the page that is certified. Fill out the report amount on every page.
Report Period does not match period in certification. Ensure the report period in the heading agrees to the report month and year in the certification.