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NYS Comptroller


Agency Audits Issued By The Comptroller

You can bulk download agency audits issued between 2009 to present.

Following is a list of all available Taxpayer Guides issued in the last 60 days

Links to the complete audit reports can be found within the Guides.

Click here to see Audits Older Than 60 Days

Last updated: 8/16/2018 at 18:00:00 hrs

UnitedHealthcare: Overpayments for Out-of-Network Anesthesia Services Provided at In-Network Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Agency: New York State Health Insurance Program
Issued 08/13/18

Long Island Rail Road - Management of Unexpected Delays and Events During Winter 2017-18
Agency: Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Issued 08/07/18

Medicaid Claims Processing Activity April 1, 2017 Through September 30, 2017
Agency: Department of Health
Issued 08/03/18

Examination of Penalties and Interest Payments
Agency: New York State Insurance Fund
Issued 08/01/2018

Examination of Travel Expenses
Agency: Department of Health
Issued 07/26/2018

Annual Audit
Agency: Workers' Compensation Board
Issued 07/26/2018

Oversight of Nurse Hiring and Retention
Agency: New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation
Issued 07/16/18

Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority - Efforts to Collect Tolls and Fees Using License Plate Images and Law Firms
Agency: Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Issued 07/11/18

Personal Income Tax
Agency: Department of Taxation and Finance
Issued 07/06/2018

Taxable Travel
Agency: New York State Homes and Community Renewal
Issued 07/06/2018

The Network for Children's Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapy, LLC
Agency: State Education Department
Issued 07/03/18

Employee Incentive and Bonus Payments
Agency: Erie County Medical Center Corporation
Issued 07/03/18

Medicaid Program: Maximizing Drug Rebates for Health and Recovery Plans
Agency: Department of Health
Issued 06/22/18

Monitoring the Green Innovation Grant Program
Agency: Environmental Facilities Corporation
Issued 06/20/18

Administration of Tentant Complaints (Follow-Up)
Agency: Homes and Community Renewal, Office of Rent Administration
Issued 06/20/18

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