City University of New York

Baruch College

Elevator and Escalator Maintenance


We examined payments Baruch College (Baruch) made to ThyssenKrupp Elevator Company, Inc. (ThyssenKrupp) under contract N907001 for elevator and escalator maintenance services provided by ThyssenKrupp for the period November 1, 2009 through April 30, 2010. We found Baruch did not have an effective monitoring system in place to ensure it paid only for those services received and that ThyssenKrupp completed all contractual maintenance. We found documents used by ThyssenKrupp to support maintenance services performed are not reliable and in limited cases where records were clear indicate ThyssenKrupp did not complete all the maintenance it was paid to perform. As a result, Baruch has no assurance ThyssenKrupp performed all the elevator and escalator maintenance Baruch contracted for to keep its equipment safe for its riders. Baruch has recovered $69,000 from ThyssenKrupp for maintenance services not performed.


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