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City University of New York
College of Staten Island - Examination of Fast Track MK LLC
(Issued: 02/05/2016)


The objective of our examination was to determine if the College conducted an appropriate procurement for the goods provided by Fast Track and submitted an appropriate claim for payment to our Office for those goods.


The College procured brackets, support components and hardware that will serve as supports for wooden benches on the campus.  The College submitted a $22,800 claim for payment, payable to Fast Track, to our Office for the brackets, support components and hardware.

Key Findings

The College did not conduct the procurement in accordance with State Finance Law.  Specifically, the College did not: (i) reject quotes from offerers that did not comply with mandatory requirements; (ii) specify all elements of a responsive quote or disclose the process for awarding contracts to potential offerers; or (iii) advertise the procurement in the New York State Contract Reporter.

In addition, the claim for payment was inappropriate because the College had not received the hardware at the time it submitted the claim for payment to our Office.

Key Recommendations

  • Ensure vendors provide all goods and/or services prior to submitting claims for payment to our Office.
  • Train staff to audit and process claims for payment in accordance with Title 2, Part 6 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations.
  • Train staff to conduct procurements in accordance with Section 163 of the State Finance Law.

For a complete copy of Report 2015-BSE4-01, click here.


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