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Office for People with Development Disabilities
Review of Credit Card Expenses at Finger Lakes DDSO
(Issued: 6/12/2015)


We reviewed select Procurement Card transactions incurred by Finger Lakes Developmental Disabilities Service Office (DDSO) to Finger Lakes Home Supply from December 18, 2012 through June 4, 2014.  The objective of our examination was to determine whether Finger Lakes DDSO adhered to State purchasing laws, rules and regulations, and guidelines (collectively, New York State procurement requirements) for the purchase of food and household items.


Finger Lakes DDSO is responsible for coordinating services for approximately 1,500 persons with developmental disabilities living in 150 group homes across eight counties.  Employees at each group home routinely purchase food and household items necessary to keep the homes operational.    When making these purchases, employees must follow New York State procurement requirements, which are designed to facilitate each agency missions, protect the interests of the State and its taxpayers and promote fairness in contracting.

Key Findings

The Finger Lakes DDSO did not adhere to state procurement laws for more than 1,400 purchases worth more than $1 million, gave one vendor an unfair advantage in obtaining the state’s business and overpaid for hundreds of household items.

Key Recommendations

  • Ensure employees at Finger Lakes DDSO follow New York State procurement requirements when purchasing food and household items.
  • If necessary, work with OSC Bureau of Contracts to establish a formal contract for these items in a reasonable time frame.  Ensure Finger Lakes DDSO pays a reasonable price for the items until a formal contract is in place.

For a complete copy of Report 2014 Credit Card Review click here.


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