Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities

Bernard Fineson Developmental Disabilities Service Office: Coastline Transportation, Inc.
d/b/a L & L Transportation - Contract C650246

We examined payments that the Bernard Fineson Developmental Disabilities Service Office (Bernard Fineson) made to Coastline Transportation, Inc. d/b/a L&L Transportation (Coastline) under contract C650246 for transporting developmentally disabled children to and from school.  We also found that Bernard Fineson paid Coastline $53,892 for buses not provided and $95,162 for escorts it couldn’t support it provided. We also found OMRDD believed it was not legally authorized to share the results of third-party employees' criminal background checks with Developmental Disabilities Service Offices (DDSOs).  As a result, Bernard Fineson did not have assurance that all drivers and some escorts entrusted with the care of its children were free from disqualifying offenses.  Officials at the Division of Criminal Justice Services disagreed with OMRDD’s position.  

Officials agreed with most of our recommendations and stopped using Coastline to transport its children.  We recommended OMRDD consult with the Division of Criminal Justice Services to resolve this difference of opinion.  OMRDD also recognized the importance of monitoring its providers and will conduct a review of its oversight of registered providers.

For a complete copy of Report 2006-BSE-5-002, click here.