Workers' Compensation Board

Y2K Compliance: Carrier Assessment and Reimbursement System

The Workers' Compensation Board is responsible for ensuring that workers who are off the job because of injury or illness are compensated under programs covering both occupational and non- occupational disability and sickness. In accordance with State law, the Board's costs for administering these programs are paid by assessments levied on insurance carriers and self-insured businesses and political subdivisions. Information used by the Board in levying these assessments and in administering these programs is maintained on the Board's automated Carrier Assessment and Reimbursement System. We reviewed the actions taken by the Board in attempting to ensure that the activities dependent on the System are not significantly disrupted because of data processing difficulties related to the year 2000. We found the Board is taking many of the actions needed to prevent such difficulties. However, certain improvements can be made in the System tests designed by the Board, and additional progress is needed in preparing a contingency plan to ensure that services are not disrupted if data processing difficulties are encountered in relation to the year 2000.

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