Department of Health

Y2K Compliance

The Department of Health maintains the Rate Setting System, which is used in establishing reimbursement rates for hospitals and nursing homes. The Department also maintains the Medicaid Management Information System, which processes payments for Medicaid claims. In addition, the Department maintains the Women Infants and Children System (which is used in administering a supplemental nutritional program for women, children and nursing mothers), the Vital Records System (which maintains statewide information about births, marriages, divorces and deaths), and the Financial Management System (which is used in obtaining federal reimbursement for costs incurred by the Department).

We conducted a review to assess whether the Department appears to be taking the necessary steps to address year 2000 problems for these five automated systems. The results of our review show that the Department is taking many of the steps necessary to address these problems. However, the contingency plans for the five systems need to be completed to ensure that services are not disrupted if data processing difficulties are encountered in relation to the year 2000. In addition, the remediation of the Financial Management System is not scheduled to be completed until September 1999, which may not allow the Department enough time to resolve any unforeseen difficulties with the system. We further note that we cannot determine whether the remediation of the Women Infants and Children System is on schedule, since there is no written schedule for the remediation of this system.

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