Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance

Homeless Housing Assistance Program

In the Homeless Housing Assistance Program, which is administered by the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA), grants and loans are provided to not-for-profit corporations, charitable and religious organizations, municipalities and public corporations to acquire, construct or rehabilitate housing for homeless persons. We found that the need for such housing is not always adequately documented or sufficiently considered when the grants or loans are awarded by OTDA. As a result, the funds may not be provided to the areas with the greatest need. We also found that the projects funded by OTDA could be monitored more closely to ensure they are in good condition and are used for their intended purpose. We further found that a comprehensive statewide needs assessment for homeless housing has not been performed since 1984. Considering the possible impact of welfare reform on New York's homeless population, we recommend that such an assessment be performed by OTDA.

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