Department of Transportation

Nighttime Construction Program

Nighttime highway construction projects can be completed more quickly and with less traffic congestion than daytime projects. Since 1996, the Department of Transportation has been required by law to consider the use of nighttime construction for all major projects on Long Island and in New York City. The Department is also required to report biennially to the Governor and State Legislature on the status of all nighttime construction projects. We examined the Department's compliance with these requirements and found that it considered the use of nighttime construction as required, but was more than a year late in meeting the first biennial reporting requirement. We also note that some of the information in the first biennial report about the cost and effectiveness of nighttime construction projects was not as complete and as reliable as it could have been. We also found indications that nighttime construction projects may not be as safe as daytime construction projects. We recommend that Department officials improve their reporting practices for nighttime construction projects and monitor the safety of such projects.

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