Office for Technology

New York's Preparation for the Year 2000: A Second Look

In our prior audit report 96-S-84, we examined the actions taken by the Office for Technology and selected State agencies and public authorities to ensure that public services were not significantly disrupted because of data processing difficulties related to the year 2000. We concluded that, unless additional actions were taken, New York's public services could be significantly disrupted. In this audit we sent questionnaires to 118 State agencies and other entities, and visited five State agencies (the Department of Taxation and Finance, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the State Education Department, the Department of Correctional Services, and the Division of Parole).

We found that progress has been made in preparing for the year 2000, but further actions are still needed. For example, actions are needed to ensure that problems are not encountered in processing data received from outside computer systems, and contingency plans are needed to provide for service continuity if data processing difficulties are encountered in relation to the year 2000. We also found that additional progress needs to be made in testing corrected systems, remediating the computer code embedded in equipment, and assessing the potential liabilities associated with system failures. We conclude that the Office for Technology needs to take additional actions to facilitate such progress and needs to more closely monitor New York State's readiness for the year 2000.

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