Department of Civil Service

Reduction of Job Titles (Follow-Up Review)

In 1995, a task force studying New York State's civil service system concluded that there was an excessive number of job titles in the system and recommended that titles with similar duties be consolidated. The Department of Civil Service made a commitment to reduce the number of classified job titles by one-third (from 5,950 to 3,967) by the end of 1999. In our prior audit report 96-S-69, we examined these title reduction efforts and found that, as of May 1997, the Department had achieved 25 percent of this goal. We noted that, if the goal was to be met, the rate of title reduction had to increase significantly. In our follow-up review, we found that, as of March 1999, the Department had achieved 53 percent of its goal. Department officials told us they will not be able to meet the goal by the end of 1999, as they had hoped.

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