Department of Correctional Services

Arthur Kill Correctional Facility: Selected Management Practices

During our audit period, the correction officers at Arthur Kill Correctional Facility spent more time, per officer, on workers' compensation leave than the officers of any other State correctional facility. We identified a number of factors that could contribute to this high incidence of workers' compensation leave. For example, some workers' compensation claims were approved by Facility officials without question, even though the injuries were not witnessed, the claims were filed by officers with a history of filing claims, or the claims were filed by officers who were often absent before filing their claims. We recommended that Facility officials more thoroughly investigate questionable workers' compensation claims and more closely monitor employees while they were on workers' compensation leave. We also identified other aspects of Facility operations that could be improved. For example, overtime costs could be significantly reduced if correction officers were deployed more efficiently, and overpayments to employees were more likely to be prevented if attendance records were reviewed by the timekeeping office before paychecks were issued.

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