State Education Department

Transportation of Preschool Children With Disabilities

Under the preschool handicapped education program, which is administered by the State Education Department, special education services are provided to three and four-year old children with disabilities. The counties in which the children reside are responsible for transporting the children to the service providers, and 59.5 percent of the counties' transportation costs are reimbursed by the Department. We examined the costs of the transportation services outside New York City and found that they varied widely from county to county. For example, for the most common type of service provider, the annual transportation cost per child ranged from $859 in Seneca County to $6,349 in Franklin County. We identified a number of practices that can lead to higher transportation costs, including a lack of competitive bidding for transportation services, a lack of coordination among the counties, and a lack of monitoring by the Department. We recommend that the Department monitor county transportation practices more closely and make certain changes in its reimbursement practices.

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