Office of Children and Family Services

Child Day Care Planning Under Welfare Reform

As a result of changes in federal public assistance requirements, if a certain percentage of the public assistance recipients in each state are not either employed or engaged in activities that can lead to employment, the amount of public assistance funding provided to the state will be reduced. Since many public assistance recipients cannot work or participate in work-related activities unless their children are cared for, sufficient day care services must be made available to the recipients if the states are to avoid reductions in their public assistance funding. In New York State, child day care service providers are overseen by the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). OCFS is responsible for planning to ensure that sufficient day care services will be made available to New York's public assistance recipients. We examined these planning efforts and concluded that improvements are needed. For example, OCFS has not developed an adequate method for estimating the number and location of the children who will likely need these day care services. We make a number of recommendations aimed at strengthening the planning efforts.

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