State University of New York

College at Brockport: Auxiliary Service Corporation, Selected Financial Management Practices

The Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation is a not-for-profit corporation that provides the College at Brockport with such services as catering, telecommunications and bookstore operations. In 1996, a new bookstore was built by the Corporation under an agreement with the bookstore vendor in which the construction of the bookstore was funded by the vendor in exchange for reduced payments from the vendor on future book sales. We examined various aspects of this agreement and found that the Corporation did not have the authority to enter into a capital construction contract for the bookstore and did not competitively bid this contract. We recommend that any future activities of this kind be properly authorized and such contracts be competitively bid. We also note that, in public announcements made by the College, the bookstore was inaccurately described as a "gift" from the vendor.

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