State University of New York

University at Buffalo: Potential Conflict of Interest in the School of Pharmacy (Follow-Up Review)

The State University at Buffalo operates a School of Pharmacy, which conducts research on the effects of different drugs. This research is funded in part by outside grants. In 1992, a professor in the School created a private, for-profit corporation for conducting similar research. In 1995, we received a letter alleging that the professor used School resources for this private research. In our prior report 95-D-50, we reviewed the activities of the professor and determined that he used School equipment and funds, and may have used School employees, to compete with the University for grant funds on behalf of his private corporation. We suggested actions that needed to be taken if the problems we identified were to be resolved. In our follow-up review, we found that while some of these actions have been taken, additional actions are still needed.

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