Department of Civil Service

Oversight of New York State's Affirmative Action Program (Follow-Up Review)

Under New York's affirmative action program, State agencies are encouraged to hire and promote individuals from the protected classes (women, minorities, disabled individuals and Vietnam era veterans) so that the protected classes are represented in the agency workforce in the same percentages as they are represented in New York's overall labor force. In our prior audit report 95-S-28, we examined the agencies' affirmative action efforts, which are overseen by the Department of Civil Service. We found that the representation of the protected classes in the agency workforce had not improved relative to their representation in New York's overall labor force. We identified several reasons for the ineffectiveness of affirmative action efforts. In particular, we concluded that the efforts were undermined by a lack of flexibility in the State's civil service system. In our follow-up review, we found that a number of actions have been taken by the Department that are consistent with the recommendations contained in our prior audit report, and accordingly, could result in increased employment opportunities for the protected classes. However, a number of our prior recommendations have not been implemented and the representation of the protected classes in the agency workforce has not increased appreciably since our prior audit.

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