Division of Housing and Community Renewal

Vacancy Losses and Tenant Accounts Receivable at Mitchell-Lama Projects

The Division of Housing and Community Renewal oversees New York State's middle-income housing program, which includes about 95,000 apartments in 242 housing developments that were built under the Mitchell-Lama Law. We examined the procedures used by the Division to prevent excessive losses from vacancies and unpaid rents at the developments, which are owned and maintained by private housing companies. We found that improvements are needed, as according to standards established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are excessive vacancy losses at nearly one-fifth of the developments and excessive losses from unpaid rents at about one-quarter of the developments. We determined that vacancy losses are greater in upstate regions, while unpaid rents are greater in the New York City area. We also determined that one of the developments is no longer used for residential housing; rather, contrary to the intention of the Mitchell-Lama Law, this development is used for commercial purposes.

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