Department of Civil Service

Reduction of Job Titles

In 1989, we reported that there was an excessive number of job titles in New York State's classified civil service and recommended that titles with similar duties be consolidated. In December 1995, a similar recommendation was made by a task force studying New York State's civil service system, and a commitment was made by the Department of Civil Service to reduce the number of classified job titles by one-third (from 5,950 to 3,967) by the end of 1999. We examined these title reduction efforts and found that, as of May 29, 1997, the number of titles had been reduced to 5,448, a reduction of 502 titles. While this is a significant reduction, if the goal is to be met, the Department must achieve a further reduction of 1,481 titles between June 1, 1997 and December 1, 1999, a reduction of about 49 titles per month over the 30-month period. Since the rate of title reduction as of May 1997 averaged only 28 titles per month, this rate will have to increase significantly if the Department is to achieve its goal.

We also determined that, while most of the consolidated or eliminated titles had only one authorized position, as of January 2, 1997, 45 percent of all permanent classified titles still had only one authorized position. We further determined that the Department has not developed detailed plans for achieving its title reduction goal or performance indicators for measuring its progress in achieving the goal. We recommend that the Department develop such plans and performance indicators, and further reduce the number of titles with only one authorized position.

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