State University of New York

Teaching Workload

We examined teaching productivity at SUNY's four university centers and at 12 of SUNY's 13 four-year arts and sciences colleges. We found that in most, but not all respects, the teaching productivity of the 16 schools compares favorably to the teaching productivity of other public colleges and universities. For example, SUNY faculty teach more classes than their peers, but these classes have fewer students. We also determined that a number of actions have been taken by SUNY officials to improve their teaching productivity. For example, 56 academic programs at a number of different campuses are scheduled to be eliminated, because the programs either have low enrollments, are costly to administer, or unnecessarily duplicate other academic programs in the SUNY system. The elimination of these programs will result in estimated savings of $2.7 million over three years. However, further actions can be taken by SUNY officials to ensure that additional efficiencies are realized.

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