Controls Relating to Licensed Software and Computer Viruses at Selected State Agencies

We audited the procedures used by eight State agencies to prevent the use of unlicensed software and protect against computer viruses. The eight agencies, which together own about 19,000 microcomputers, included the Banking Department, the Department of Health, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Social Services, the Department of Transportation, the Empire State Development Corporation, the Insurance Department, and the Office of General Services.

We found that, in some instances, the eight agencies are developing, have developed and follow a number of appropriate procedures. These procedures, collectively, could be considered "best practices" and could be of use to the Governor's Task Force on Information Resource Management in its development of statewide policies and practices for State agencies. However, significant improvements can still be made in other procedures at each of the eight individual agencies. Because of the control weaknesses at these agencies, the agencies' microcomputers are more likely to contain unlicensed software and computer viruses. In fact, when we tested 212 microcomputers at five of the agencies, we found that they contained a total of 246 unlicensed computer applications and three computer viruses.

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