Urban Development Corporation
Job Development Authority

Staff Study: Consolidation of the State's Economic Development Entities and Programs

New York State's four primary economic development agencies (the Department of Economic Development, the Job Development Authority, the Urban Development Corporation, and the Science and Technology Foundation) were consolidated in 1995 in order to achieve objectives described in a formal plan called "The New Beginning." As part of the consolidation, the programs of the Job Development Authority (JDA) and the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) began to be administered by the newly created Empire State Development Corporation. We examined the effect of the consolidation on the four agencies, particularly JDA and UDC. We found that, while most of the recommendations included in "The New Beginning" have been implemented, some aspects of performance at the four agencies could be improved. For example, the budgets of the agencies have not been reduced to the extent intended by the consolidation and reports about program activities are incomplete and inaccurate. We identify a number of issues that need to be considered if the consolidation of the four agencies is to achieve its intended objectives.

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