State University of New York
City University of New York

Staff Study: Private Fund Raising at SUNY and CUNY

Private donations account for only a small portion of the funding received by SUNY and CUNY. We reviewed the private fund raising practices at SUNY and CUNY, and compared them to the practices of other colleges and universities. We found that the amount of private funds raised by SUNY and CUNY is far less than the amounts raised by several public universities in other states. For example, while SUNY raised a total of $68.4 million in the year ended June 30, 1995, eight public universities in seven other states raised between $103.1 million and $164.3 million in that year. When we compared the fund raising performance of SUNY and CUNY to the performance of peer schools, we found that SUNY is generally less successful than its peers while CUNY is more successful than some of its peers but less successful than other peers. We identified a number of best practices used by colleges and universities that are successful at private fund raising, and suggested that these practices be considered by SUNY and CUNY.

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