State Education Department

Tuition Refunds to Former Students of the Court Reporting Institute

The State Education Department's Tuition Reimbursement Fund is used to refund the tuition, student loans, and other required costs paid by students attending certain post-secondary private schools that either close or are found to be in violation of the State Education Law. The Department paid a total of $263,130 in such refunds to 19 former students of the Court Reporting Institute, because it determined that the Institute violated certain sections of the Education Law. In response to a letter questioning whether these refunds should have been made, we audited the refunds to determine whether they were appropriate. We found that $26,027 of the refunds were not appropriate, because they related to student loans to attend schools other than the Court Reporting Institute. We recommend that these overpayments be recovered and controls be established to prevent such overpayments in the future.

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