State Education Department

Monitoring and Reporting the Fiscal Status of Department Operations

During the year ended March 31, 1996, the State Education Department was appropriated about $260 million to administer its programs. In March 1996, Department staff projected that, as of March 31, 1996, the Department's expenses would exceed these appropriations by $5.3 million. At the request of the Department's Commissioner, who took office in September 1995, we audited the Department's financial reporting systems to determine the actual size of the operating deficit. We determined that, as of March 31, 1996, this deficit totaled $3.7 million. We also identified several weaknesses in the Department's financial reporting systems. As a result of these weaknesses, the financial information reported to upper management was neither timely nor accurate. We recommend a number of improvements in the financial reporting systems. In particular, we recommend that the Department make greater use of available computer technology.

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