Office of Court Administration

Administration of Maintenance and Operations, Incentive Aid Program

Localities are responsible for maintaining the court facilities in New York State. Under the incentive aid program, which is administered by the Office of Court Administration, the localities may be reimbursed by the State for a portion of their court facility maintenance and operating costs. To qualify for this reimbursement, the localities must maintain their court facilities in accordance with certain standards.

We visited seven localities and assessed their compliance with these standards. We confirmed that, as had been reported to the Office of Court Administration, two of the localities complied with the standards and five of the localities did not comply with the standards. We recommend that the Office of Court Administration continue to work with noncompliant localities, many of which are short of funds, but consider withholding State aid to these localities if they do not eventually meet the standards. We also examined selected claims for reimbursement submitted by the seven localities. We found that some of the localities had claimed excessive reimbursement, while other localities had not claimed the full reimbursement available. We recommend that the Office of Court Administration clarify the reimbursement guidelines and follow up to ensure that other reimbursement claims are appropriate.

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