New York State Thruway Authority

Implementation of the E-Z Pass Toll Collection System

In 1983, the New York State Thruway Authority began operating an electronic toll collection system known as E-Z pass. In this system, drivers can pay Thruway tolls without stopping their vehicles, because the tolls are charged to the drivers' accounts by a device that scans an electronic tag mounted on the vehicles. The objective of this system is to reduce traffic congestion at toll collection stations during peak periods. We examined the performance of the system and found indications that it has been effective. For example, according to Thruway Authority records, far more vehicles can be processed in an hour by the E-Z pass system than by manual toll collection stations. However, Thruway Authority officials need to develop a comprehensive performance measurement system if they are to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of the E-Z pass system. We also note that the officials need to investigate the reasons for the higher rate of automobile accidents at toll collection stations using the E-Z pass system.

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