New York City Police Department

Opportunities To Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs of the Motor Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Program

The New York City Police Department has a fleet of almost 5,400 vehicles. The Department has developed preventive maintenance schedules for these vehicles. However, we found that the Department does not adequately monitor the vehicles to ensure that they are serviced according to schedule, and many of the vehicles we sampled were driven more miles than suggested between servicing. For example, 10 of the 100 vehicles we sampled were driven more than 5,000 miles past their scheduled maintenance points. We also found that police officers drive vehicles to outside vendors when tires need to be replaced. We believe this is an inefficient use of the officers' time and estimate that the Department could realize at least $400,000 annually in productivity savings if tires were replaced by Department vehicle maintenance staff instead. We further found that many of the motor vehicle spare parts on hand were obsolete, and procedures could be improved to provide better assurance that the tires issued to officers were installed on Department vehicles.

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