New York City Department of Transportation

Bridge and Roadway Division: Improvements Needed in Emergency Bridge Repair Program

New York City roadways include 859 bridges, which must be inspected at least once every two years. When an inspector identifies a hazardous condition on a bridge, the Department is required to repair the bridge within a certain amount of time. At the time of our audit, about half of New York City's bridges required substantial rehabilitation or repair.

We examined the New York City Department of Transportation's efforts to repair and rehabilitate bridges and found that only 37 percent of the hazardous conditions identified during our audit period were repaired within the required time frames. Moreover, many of the repairs, when made, were temporary in nature and did not address the underlying problems. When such repairs are delayed, hazardous conditions can deteriorate further and become even more hazardous. We determined that some of the unrepaired bridges had, in fact, deteriorated. We recommend that Department officials develop a plan to ensure that bridges are repaired in a timely manner. 

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