State Education Department

Administration of the Attendance Improvement and Dropout Prevention Program (Follow-Up Review)

Under the Attendance Improvement and Dropout Prevention Program, which is administered by the State Education Department, additional State aid is given to school districts with low attendance rates to fund activities that will improve the attendance rates and reduce dropout rates. In our prior audit report 94-S-48, we concluded that certain improvements were needed in program administration. For example, some school districts did not identify how attendance and retention rates would be improved or how much improvement was needed for the program to be considered successful. In addition, several districts did not report their attendance and retention rates to the Department. In our follow-up review, we found that significant improvements have been made in certain aspects of program administration, such as measuring program effectiveness. However, due to reductions in Department staffing levels, a number of our prior audit recommendations have not been implemented. We suggest alternative actions that can be taken by Department officials in implementing these recommendations.

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