State University of New York

Health Science Center at Syracuse: Clinical Practice Management Plan (Follow-Up Review)

The Center operates a teaching hospital. Patients at this hospital are treated by faculty from the Center's medical school. The revenue generated by this medical care is regulated by the Center's clinical practice management plan. For example, this revenue can be spent only to compensate the medical faculty and for other necessary business purposes relating to the clinical practice. In our prior audit report 93-S-54, we examined how the clinical practice revenue was spent and identified many expenditures that did not seem necessary for business purposes, including expenditures for parties, first-class air fare, extravagant gifts, and the landscaping of a faculty member's home and summer residence. We recommended that the revenue be subject to greater oversight by Center officials. In our follow-up review, we found that some progress had been made in implementing our prior recommendations, but additional actions were necessary if the recommendations were to be fully implemented.

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