Office of Mental Health

Central Office Oversight of Food Operations (Follow-Up Review)

In our prior audit report 93-S-74, we examined the efficiency of the food service operations at OMH's psychiatric centers and identified a number of steps that could be taken to improve the efficiency of the operations. We also examined OMH's plans to convert the food service operations into a cook/chill system in which most meals would be prepared and frozen at a central kitchen and shipped to the psychiatric centers. We concluded that the economic benefits of this system may have been overstated, as the operating costs were underestimated and fewer people than expected were likely to be served by the system. In our follow-up review, we found that good progress has been made by OMH officials in implementing our prior audit recommendations. We also note that, because of the difficulty in finding customers for the cook/chill system, OMH officials are considering selling or leasing the cook/chill facility.

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