Office of Mental Health

Study of the Rate of Inpatient Care Provided to Children

Mental health services in New York State are overseen by the Office of Mental Health (OMH). Inpatient care for emotionally disturbed children is provided in four types of settings: general hospitals with children's psychiatric units, private psychiatric hospitals, psychiatric centers operated by OMH, and residential treatment facilities operated by not-for-profit service providers. We reviewed the data collected by OMH concerning this inpatient care.

We found that OMH does not collect separate cost and census data for children from general hospitals and private psychiatric hospitals. On the basis of other data collected by OMH, we estimated the cost and census statistics for these types of hospitals and combined the estimated statistics for these two settings with the available statistics for the other two settings for various types of analyses and comparisons. For example, we analyzed the census statistics over time and found that, over a five-year period, the overall average daily inpatient census increased by about 13 percent. On the basis of our analyses, we raised questions for the consideration of OMH officials about the inpatient care provided to emotionally disturbed children.

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