Department of Environmental Conservation

Implementation of the 1990 Amendments to the Federal Clean Air Act

In 1990 Congress amended the Clean Air Act to require the states to meet certain air quality standards. We reviewed New York State's compliance with these standards and found that, since 1990, compliance has improved. However, there are still excessive amounts of ozone in the air in the mid-Hudson region and the New York City metropolitan area. In fact, the New York City metropolitan area is at risk of not meeting the ozone standards by the year 2007, as is required. If the standards are not met by this time, certain businesses in the area that contribute to the pollution will face stiff financial penalties and New York State could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal transportation aid. Because much of the ozone in New York is produced in other states and is carried to the area by winds, it is likely that actions must be taken by these other states before the standards can be met in New York.

We also reviewed the Department of Environmental Conservation's compliance with the administrative requirements in the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act. We found that while the Department has not always complied with these requirements, it has avoided sanctions by correcting deficiencies identified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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