Higher Education Services Corporation - Tuition Assistance Program

ASA Institute of Computer and Business Technology, Inc. (Formerly Advanced Software Analysis, Inc.)

During the 1991-92 through 1993-94 academic years, ASA Institute certified $1.9 million in TAP awards. We disallowed $691,652 of these awards as well as $4,700 in awards that related to other academic years. The total $696,352 was disallowed because students were incorrectly certified as eligible for the awards. For example, many of the students receiving awards graduated from the Institute without meeting the Institute's graduation requirements. We also identified other inappropriate educational practices, which we referred to the State Education Department for further review. In August 1996, we issued a report that disallowed $847,461 of the $1.9 million in TAP awards certified by the Institute during our audit period; however, after that report was issued, we received additional documentation from Institute officials in support of some of the disallowed awards, and reduced our disallowance accordingly.

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