Division for Youth

Industry School and Oatka Residential Center: Resource Consolidation and Selected Management Practices

The Industry School and the Oatka Residential Center are limited secure residential centers providing rehabilitation programs for male juvenile delinquents. The two facilities share a 1,500-acre site in Monroe County. We determined that if food service, maintenance, administration and certain other functions were consolidated at the two facilities, the cost of operating the facilities would be reduced by about $860,000 a year. We recommend that such a consolidation be formally considered by the Division for Youth.
We also examined payroll controls at the two facilities and found that employees were often paid for time that could not be documented as having been worked. We also noted that some employees are paid to remain on duty during their lunch breaks, even though their duties do not require such an arrangement. We estimate that this arrangement costs the facilities about $135,000 a year. We also found that, contrary to required procedures, the facilities sometimes failed to inform the Division central office about incidents that could jeopardize the well-being of the youths at the facilities. The unreported incidents included suicide threats and allegations of abuse.

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