Department of Social Services
Department of Health

Long-Term Home Health Care Program

In New York State's long-term home health care program, physically and mentally impaired Medicaid recipients receive health and related social support services in their own homes. According to State law and regulations, the cost of the care provided to program participants must be less than the cost of comparable nursing home care. At the time of our audit, the Department of Social Services was responsible for monitoring program cost.

We found that the Department of Social Services had no mechanism for monitoring the cost of care for each program participant. When we analyzed these costs, we found that they often exceeded the regulatory limit. In fact, for the two years covered by our audit, we determined that the regulatory limit was exceeded by a total of between $14.6 million and $72.4 million. Moreover, according to Department records, the rates charged by the health care providers in the program were 47 percent higher than the rates charged by providers in other home care programs operating in New York, and some of the services covered by the program were not covered by the other home care programs. We recommend that the cost-effectiveness of New York State's long-term home health care program be evaluated.

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